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             Contact Information

        Mailing Address:
        Kappler Mill & Lumber Co.
        8908 108th St. NE
        Arlington, WA 98223

        Local Phone:
        360-658-3090  *
        Toll Free:
        1-888-811-1011  *

E-mail Addresses:

Please note that we will not be able to answer your emails if you have an earthlink address

Catalog Requests
Please note that we are not a supplier of lumber for the building industry, so if you are looking for cedar decking to finish your home project, we are not the ones to call.

* When calling, please make sure that you leave your phone number first to make sure that we get it. Sometimes the machine will cut you off before you are finished if you leave a long message.
In any case, if you do not hear back from us within 2 business days, please call again since we probably had problems returning your call.

If you are having problems getting a response to your e-mail here are some tips.
Make sure that you are sending to one of the addresses listed above, all others are filtered and deleted so we never see them.
Make sure that you fill in the subject line and that it is meaningful to the context of your e-mail.
All blank subject lines will be deleted. Your e-mail will also be deleted if you have certain words in it, which should not come up if the mail is coming from a Kappler customer and not a spammer.
earthlink.net addresses please be aware that we can not respond to any email sent us by an earthlink customer. We do receive the email but are unable to answer because earthlink either blocks us or requires us to fill out a form to be accepted.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but we needed to tighten up our spam filtering to manage all the spam e-mails we get a day.

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