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Cimaron Mine
Dwain Wright of Grants Pass, OR
I have been modeling some 50 or more years, after a life as an engraver of firearms, custom jewelry maker, painter and being featured in 227 books and magazines, I found I enjoyed most creating what I had seen living all over the west for the past 40 years. 5 degrees from ucla, and other colleges in many ways prepared me for design, having built 5 houses and out buildings on farms I have owned helped me in being able to construct a building to code, or as it was built in the 1880's.
As a painter, painting landscapes of the west, wildlife and old buildings as part of the equation, weathering a building was easy. I build kits for customers, and create buildings for them from ideas. I like to add sound modules, smoke and steam units, add servos to open and close doors, scale lighting and warning lamps, in short, I enjoy creating extreme realism.
If you saw 'dances with wolves', the leather tee pees in the opening sequence were ones I made along with the knife from 'the boyscout', and a host of other movie props.
Visit my website for a view of my world.

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