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THE TREE Yellow pine, or eastern white pine as it is known in America, is one of a number of species with lightweight which are known collectively as soft pines. Other commercially important soft pines include American western white and sugar pines and Siberian yellow pine.
Yellow pine comes from a tree of medium size, up to 30m in height, with a trunk size of 60-90cm in diameter; it grows naturally in the eastern parts of Canada and the United States. Though it is occasionally seen elsewhere, its scope as a plantation tree is limited by its susceptibility to disease.

THE WOOD Yellow pine is pale-yellow to bright brown, sometimes with a faint pinkish tinge. Growth rings, though present, are not well marked and the wood is noted for its fine, even texture and straight grain. It is light in weight, some 20% lighter than European redwood. Other soft pines are similar.

TECHNICAL PROPERTIES Yellow pine dries quickly and is noted for its small shrinkage on drying and its stability in use. It is low in strength but works very easily, taking anexcellent finish. It is not resistant to decay.

USES Yellow pine of good quality commands a very high price and is especially valued for engineers' patterns as it can be cut to give very fine detail and is remarkably stable in use. Other uses are for joinery, panelling, organ parts, drawing boards, wooden rollers, and in ship and boat-building. In America, a lower grade knotty timber is used for containers and packaging.

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