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Table of Contents
Kappler Flex-Track
(Assembly instructions)
     You'll probably want to begin by preparing all the tools and supplies that you will need prior to beginning laying track. In order to lay track using these tie strips you will need the following tools.
  • Sanding block (w/ fine sand paper)
  • Hobby knife or razor blade
  • Wood or tie stain
  • Small pliers or locking forceps
  • Glue spreader
  • Track spikes (1/4" recommended)
  • Wood glue (Tite-Bond or similar)
  • Rail
  • Track gage

    Click on images
    1. Before starting, look over your tie strips to identify where the strips are still connected to the carrier sheet. click for a larger image
    2. Before removing the tie strips from the backing sheet, carefully sand the back of the carrier sheet to allow the ties to easily release from the sheet.
    Lay the sheet on a flat surface, hold one end and sand away from yourself using the sanding block. Rotate the sheet 180° and repeate.
    3. Once you have sanded the back to release the ties carefully cut through the web where the ties are still connected to the carrier sheet. click for a larger image
    4. With tie strip free from the sheet gently flex the carrier sheet and the tie strip will fall away from the carrier sheet click for a larger image
    5. Now it is time to prepare the roadbed for the ties. It is very important that the roadbed be smooth, stable, and firmly attached to the bench work. For the purposes of this set of instructions we have used a Homosote roadbed made by Homabed. Any roadbed is acceptable as long as it will not be affected by your scenic materials, ballast glue, or glue for the ties and will hold the spikes that attach your rails.
    Check out the FAQ page for tips on staining.
    click for a larger image
    6. Begin by spreading a bead of glue on the roadbed where you want to attach your tie strip, only spread enough glue for the strip you are working with. Smooth the glue out using a brush or plastic strip (an old credit card works well). click for a larger image
    click for a larger image
    7. Press the tie strip into the glue ensuring that the strip is seated and contacts the roadbed completely. click for a larger image
    8. Ballast the tie strip while the glue is still wet, being careful to keep the ballast off the tops of the ties. click for a larger image
    9. After smoothing out the ballast let the glue to dry (it may be necessary to place a weight on the tie strip to keep it flat until the glue dries)
    10. Begin spiking the rail down over the web between the ties, spiking into every 5th tie. When spiking keep the spikes angled under the rail so that they clamp the rail flange. Once you have spiked the first rail down you can begin spiking the second rail in place. We recommend using a 3-point track gage. As an alternative you can use a wheel set to keep the rails in gage. Or you can use the web as a track gage; just keep the base of the rail directly over the web (for On30). click for a larger image
    click for a larger image
    11. With both rails spiked down, finish ballasting the sides of the track ensuring that no ballast rests against the inside of the rail.

    Congratulations, you're done!

    We would like to thank Nathan Allen from Blackstone Valley for his input on this article.

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