International Shipping Notes
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Please note that we do not ship UPS over seas.
The cost is too high, usually many times the cost of your total order.

The cheapest shipping method is via "First-Class MailŪ International"
To qualify your package must meet the following conditions:
1 Not insured*
2 Under 4 lbs.
3 Total package length under 24" **
** The best would be to order 12" material whenever possible.
For those who need longer than 12" and less than 24" we will cut off enough (usually 1") to make the package comply with the length restrictions.
You will need to make the request for this free service in the comment section of the order form when you place your order.

All other shipments will mailed via "Priority MailŪ International " if they meet any of the following conditions:
Insured packages*
Over 24" package length
Over 4lbs. package weight

The above shipping methods will usually take about 4-10 days to reach you once the package leaves our hands.
Surface shipments can take up to 2 months and can save you on larger/heavier packages, but can actually cost more than air letter post in some cases on the smaller/lighter ones.
If you would like a shipping quote, we can estimate, but will not know the actual costs before the package is ready to ship.

* Additional notes on insurance:
In all the years we have been shipping through the Post Office we can count the number of lost packages on one hand.
On the other hand, the number of insurance claims that we have been able to collect on is ZERO!
It takes a long time and a lot of work to get the PO to pay out, which makes us wonder why bother with insurance in the first place!
For shipments inside the US the additional insurance fees are no big deal and may be a good idea if you have problems getting packages delivered in your area.
It is a little different for international shipments and that includes our neighbors to the north in Canada.
In order to insure a package you must send it via Priority MailŪ International . This is a rip-off on the smaller packages since it costs about 2 to 3 times as much as air letter post. So most orders of 12" lumber that weigh under 1 pound usually ship anywhere in the world for around $10, but if you want that same package insured you can figure on paying around $30 in shipping costs and it may take up to a year to get your money back from the insurance claim if your package is lost!

For international shipments UPS is totally out of the question, Their fees are so high that we will not ship internationally with them!
For domestic shipments UPS starts around $10 and goes up, but their shipments include insurance of $100
The main problem we have with UPS besides the cost is that their drop off location is only open 2 hrs. a day so it may take us up to a week to get the packages delivered and then it takes UPS up to 8 days to deliver to you.
On the other hand, we deliver packages to the PO several times a week.

Whichever method you choose, we will help you track down your package if by chance it gets lost, but Kappler will not replace lost merchandise at our expense if you did not purchase insurance.

We hope that this will help answer your questions on shipping and insurance, but if you have any other questions please contact us.